Mass Tort Academy Courses

Whether you’re in an established mass tort firm seeking a “reset” or starting with a clean slate, our courses will take your game to the next level. Developed by industry professionals, our course content will provide you with the foundational elements of running your own thriving mass tort business.

Scale up your law firm to thrive as a mass tort practice.

Terry Dunken, a mass tort business practitioner and the author of Mass Tort Secrets and 3 Pillars, shares what his experience has taught him.

  • Learn how to strategically plan because the idea is to approach your law practice like a business.

  • Follow a Compensable Case strategy and work your cases up enough to confirm your clients have the requisite product exposure and injuries to eventually get a settlement.

  • Learn how your network plays a significant role in mass tort success and how to use your connections to execute your mass tort plan.